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Missie en troeven

You have a question, we have the answer.

Our mission and strenghts

Bellaw - Van Eeckhoutte, Taquet & Clesse distinguishes itself from other law firms in that

- its expertise extends to social law in the broadest sense of the word, covering all aspects of labour and social security law,

- and that in both the private and public sectors,

- its lawyers are natural lawyers who provide their services in complete independence to anyone who can assert legitimate interests.

- they provide their services to large or small businesses or organisations, as well as to individuals,

- in its services, it combines the decades of experience of its older lawyers with the dynamism of young people, because both work together closely,

- Its highly developed and advanced knowledge and technological infrastructure guarantees fast and accurate support,

- makes it a point of honour to provide the highest quality for a reasonable, fair and transparent fee with maximum cost control.

Our approach

Van Eeckhoutte, Taquet & Clesse, pioneer of the social law niche firms puts its expertise in matters of labour law and social security law, in all their various facets, at the disposal of the corporate sector and private citizens alike.

The specificity of the legal services Van Eeckhoutte, Taquet & Clesse provides in the area of social law consists of universality, the variety of its legal services, a scientific foundation and a personal approach.


The universality in all areas of social law (individual and collective labour law, employment services, remuneration, social criminal law, social security law, welfare law) in all their national, European and international facets.

Variety of legal services

A variety of legal services, encompassing all aspects of the traditional legal profession (including a. o. assistance when faced with or filing proceedings in first instance up to the Court of Cassation), a comprehensive range of consultancy services (advice, letters, documents, meetings, negotiations, representation etc.), including seminars and training sessions for clients.

Scientific foundation

A scientific foundation of our services via a permanent, thorough and exhaustive follow-up of any developments in all areas of social law, be it at a regulatory, collective bargaining, case law or legal doctrine level.

Personal approach

A personal, individualised approach, which makes us true partners of our clients in matters of social law.