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A complete service

Our lawyers will advise you in employment law, social security law, criminal employment law, business law, tax law, civil service law, responsibility law as well as building and construction law.

They will represent you before all courts and tribunals in the country as well as before various authorities.

Taquet, Clesse & Van Eeckhoutte will guide, advise and defend its clients from local courts up to the Supreme Court.

An operational approach to law

Apart from dispensing legal advice or defending clients in legal proceedings, our lawyers will help you to take decisions, based on long practical experience of problems encountered by companies and individuals. Thanks to its mastery and division of its skills, the firm can offer its clients a fast, personal service as well as total availability to solve the most urgent problems.

Our lawyers' advice is sent to you in writing, by e-mail or given verbally during consultations or by telephone. We help and advise you particularly with the drawing up of tailor made contracts, collective agreements, employment regulations, statutes for associations or companies. We will also help you with your individual and/or collective negotiations and will help you to prepare your meetings and carry out any necessary formalties.

A scientific approach to law

Our association is at the leading edge of the law and we are able to count on the scientific support of our members, several of whom are university or college professors. It fuels its skills with a comprehensive knowledge of case law and the most recent legislation. It intervenes in the development of the legal doctrine by its numerous works and publications. It ensures a permanent training of its members and clients by organising seminars.

A diversified approach to law

Employment law, tax law, as well as corporate law are part of a global legal structure that has to be mastered. Concerned to maintain links with all branches of law, our practice counts specialists in contract law, criminal and civil responsibility law, compensation for physical damage, insurance law etc. Mastery of these various skills enables us to offer a full service to our clients.

A regional, national and international approach

As the Taquet, Clesse & Van Eeckhoutte practice has long been part of the socio-economic tissue of each region, it is responding to its clients' local needs from its offices in Brussels, Liege and Ghent. Our transregional structure enables us to respond better to developments in law, as a result of the regionalization of certain legal matters.

Our lawyers have long been acknowledged as credible interlocutors by players in economic life at a national level and by the country's courts.

Finally, we maintain preferential relationships with niche practices in employment law which are active on the international scene. Our network is based on personal relationships which enable us to choose in a completely independent way the best interlocutor depending on the requirements of the client or the case. We have no reciprocal obligations towards partners.

We represent the "Union international des avocats" (or UIA) at the International Labour Organisation (OIT).

We handle the most complex cases in French, Dutch, English, German, Italian en Spanish.